front door help need


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front door help need

I have a stucco house. we are replacing the exterior doors and currently around the doors is stucco molding. what is the correct way to replace the door? leave the stucco molding, will i need to replace it of should the new jamb com out far enough so i do not need it anymore? we plan on eventually putting a hardy board trim around all doors and windows eventually. I'm really confused since this is the first time i have seen stucco molding and i want to do this right. any help would be great!
thank you,
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Not sure exactly what you mean by stucco molding? My doors and windows have no exterior trim except where you can see the exposed metal edging (not sure of the word), so the exterior of the frame is flush with the exterior of the wall. Pics would help.

Door frame replacement around here consists of cutting out the entire frame and fasteners, replacing the door with one of the correct frame depth and repairing stucco as needed. If you will be installing Hardi in the future you can always build out the frame as required.
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well, a contractor called it stucco molding or trim molding. its basically a piece of wood that the stucco sits flush against on the outside wall. it give a decorative edge around the door because the jamb does not extend to the stucco. that is the best i can explain it and i have no pictures currently. i just didn't know if this was an old way of installing doors with stucco or if its still the used method.
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It might be brick mold that they stucco'd up to.

Can you replace the door and leave the jamb? if not, you're going to have to do some stucco work before you get done. pics would be nice
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Hi, I have done a few doors with stucco stop. The first bit of advice is to be gentle. It is much easier when taking it down than to patch a lot of stucco.The stop is nailed to the jamb measure the jamb width and make sure the new one is the same size.
Remove the door off the hardware, remove the inside door casing. From the inside cut the nails holding the jamb in place. Take a bar or chisle and gently seperate the stop from the jamb. Cut the old jamb in pieces the remove. Install the new door then nail back the stop.If needed I have bought new stop at big box stores but the size is different. If you have a lumber yard give them a try they may have the correct size.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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