How to remove/replace three point door lock?


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How to remove/replace three point door lock?

I believe I have a Trillenium 3 point door lock system in my steel/styrofoam external door. However, I can find no way to dis-assemble the door to get the old lock system out (locking mechanism is completely fried- kids twisted door knob until internals broke out).

Here's what I believe I'm dealing with: 03.19.2012-21.00.59 - glenleslie's library

however, when I look at my door, there's no screws or any other obvious way to dissassemble the door to get at all the fancy hardware.

Here are pix of the door:

top of door:

top of door from lock side:

There's no screw under the orange plug... just another orange plug about 3-4inches down. i think those are just dummy holes for a vertical bolt (into the door jamb? guessing?) - there are no holes above/below the door in the door jamb to receive a bolt though?)


I don't see any way to pull the door apart? (the black spot on the right is an old security system contact, the hole in the middle looks like a mistaken drill hole, only about an inch deep. and then the orange plug explained above...).

Is there a "typical" way doors like this can be opened up to remove a lock system like this? Or... is the door glued once and pretty much no way to replace just the lock? (see the closeup - there is a joint directly above/below the old security system contact but I don't see any release points, screws or any other way to force the door apart there (it has a plate glass window in the middle and this seam runs down one side of the glass).

there's aren't screws on the fascia board (you can see the "fascia" board I'm talking about on the far left of the "closeup" picture above - it looks like a thin strip of wood-grained, metal coated strip of wood from top to bottom on the side of the door where the lock points come out of the door. ) except those in the openings where the lock points are screwed down at the top and bottom of each lock point. I've tried prying on the lock points to push them out of each individual hole but they seem to be solidly "in" the door and the lock diagram would indicate that there's one big metal strip running from the bottom lock point to the top lock point anyway(allowing the door handle to recess all three locks at the same time...). However, I don't see any way to remove the fascia board -

Thanks for any pointers you can provide.

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I believe you must remove all the screws from the latch side, and remove any metal cover plates around the 3 point latches. Then I believe you must carefully remove that 3/16" x 1" strip of wood from the edge (latch side) of the door. Your top photo shows the seam where this piece meets the rest of the door stile. However I'm not sure it can be removed without completely destroying it- the edges were likely glued on. It could be that a sharp utility knife run behind this cap on each side would separate it from the face plate of your 3 point latch mechanism- they may have used a contact adhesive to glue it in place. At any rate, this "cap" covers the rest of the 3 point system, and removing it will expose the rest of the screws you need to remove in order to replace the hardware.

I'd suggest that you first contact the mfg directly to ensure you can get replacement parts, and get advice on whether or not you will also need to order a replacement wood cap to go along with your hardware. That may have to come from the door mfg, not the hardware mfg.
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I don't believe your actual pics and your factory pics are the same construction. Your door seems to be set up for a 3-point, but not the one pictured. It also appears to never have been set up completely with a 3-point system. It has the bores but not the hardware. Disassemble existing lock assemblies and see if they even have rod-locking capabilities. If you can match and find rods, ok, but I think a previous owner did some experimenting/mixmatching. Do not expect yr internal assembly to look like that glenleslies pic. All your assemblies should be easy to remove, but don't pull fascia until all bolts and backsets are out. Start fascia gently from top, but only if bolts support rod system. If you can acquire additional parts, go ahead and jump in, but remember you are probably starting on something that a previous DIYer gave up on. If you're commited to yr project, some better pics of hardware will help. I'll check back later.
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totally annoying... I put a huge post in here and it dumped me.

Short of it is this: @seangunn - you're right, I was totally wrong!

WF Mfg Sales Lead read my post and pointed me straight: This is an IPD, Peachtree door which has a specially manufactured, morticed lockset for it - Peachtree IPD French Mortise Lock - XO All About Doors and Windows, Parts and Hardware

Thank you to Dale Moses [possible SPAM removed]
there's actually a post elsewhere here on DIY pointing out this "IPD mystery door" (has no markings or serial numbers - totally frustrating as I'm not the original homeowner. took me about 3 months to track down the handle bushing replacements, get them (UPS lost one set), get them again, replace them and then find out that it's the morticed lock which is the problem, not the bushings). Oh well. Will report back in a few days if there's more to the saga...

Walland, TN

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