new construction window


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new construction window

can we use a vinyl window without a nail flange for new construction? i was told it can be done even if you cannot use a snap in flange. is the window fastened directy to stud? is anything put between stud and window frame?
since no flange, does an exterior stop need to be used?
i know we order window with extention jamb.
fwiw, the window in question does not come with a flange...only replacement but want new construction application.
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I would not recommend it. When you do it that way you are relying completely on caulk to seal the window and someday that caulk will fail.

The only other way that might make it a little more like a new construction window, is to make your own nailing flange by getting some metal flashing that is bent like an L, and actually screw it to the sides of the window to form a fin. This would likely void the window warranty, but it would be a better installation, IMO, if you insist on using that window. It would bump the window out about 1 1/2" so that you could use window flashing tape around it to seal it to your WRB, and then your exterior trim would cover that. Any caulking done would be just for appearance sake, and to keep water from going behind the siding.

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