Anderson Door System


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Anderson Door System

Anderson Patio Door System: Two stationary and two sliders. Wood frame, glass doors. Access caps at interior bottom of doors and some type of adjustment screw exposed after removing the caps. What tool should I use in the mechanism to adjust the screw which lowers/raises the door height? Phillips head doesn't seem right and flat head screw-driver doesn't seem right. Also, in which direction should the screw be turned to raise or lower the door?

Thank You... Kegsy
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Instructions directly from Andersen.

Adjusting Your Patio Door
If the operating panel moves stiffly, it may be dragging slightly
because the door is out of adjustment. To adjust it, remove
the caps located on the interior bottom rail of the door, insert
a flat blade screwdriver, and turn the screwdriver clockwise
to raise the panel, or counterclockwise to lower the panel
(Fig. 6). Move one notch at a time, checking the door’s
operation as you go. Close the panel to within one inch of the side jamb and check
for uniform opening from top to bottom. Replace caps when adjustment is complete

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