Interior door installation


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Interior door installation

Hello to all and good day.

In regards to installing a bedroom door in an older home

when walls are not it better to make the door plumb?

Or should I just make the door line up with the walls?

My concern is with the trim around the door. If I make the door plumb,

I'll have to modify the trim to avoid big gaps between the trim and drywall.

Anyone have thoughts on this?
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Yeah, welcome to older homes.

Most of the time, you have to judge this for yourself to make the fit look best but you've hit the important part - when the house is not plumb or square, what you do to it likely will not be as well.
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It really depends how far out of plumb you are talking. Doors really need to be pretty plumb, or your door will either want to swing open on its own, or fall closed on its own.

If you're talking 1/4" in 80", that's not too bad. I'd adjust the top 1/8" out, and the bottom 1/8" in to make up the difference. It's always nice when the top of the door jamb is flush with the wall on each side, so that your casing miters will lay flat, but that's not always possible. When working with flat trim (such as 1x4 or similar, it's even more important that the jamb not be recessed because the trim can't be bent back to the wall like thin casing can. But you can also do some fancy notching to get the trim to lay flat against the wall. Drywall that is proud can be chiselled or beat down behind the casing to get the trim to lay flat. If the wall and trim will be painted, minor gaps aren't a big deal. If stained, that can be tough, but not impossible.
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Thank you for kind replies!

Best regards

Pat L.

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