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Sealant is seeping out of my exterior doors' glass.

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07-16-12, 07:36 AM   #1  
Sealant is seeping out of my exterior doors' glass.

Every exterior door that came with the house, or that I have installed on additions seeps out a sealant/adhesive material from the edges of the trim around the glass. I've cut the excess and painted but over time, the stuff begins to expand out again.

It's pretty difficult to keep paint on the doors and it doesn't look that great either. Is there any trick to stopping this?

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07-16-12, 07:43 AM   #2  
Nope, no trick. You just have to keep cleaning the gunk off with a razor blade/scraper then clean it with a solvent like denatured alcohol or similar and keep it painted. It's a constant problem with a lot of door mfg's that I wish they would get corrected. Better door mfg's don't use the type of sealant that will ooze out like that, but a lot of the lower end doors will.

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07-16-12, 08:05 AM   #3  
I had a door that probably continued to ooze stuff for 10 years down at one corner of the frame. It was sticky like honey. Every time it started to get warm in the summer..here it comes.

This was a fiberglass 6 panel door that was mis-ordered that I got for about 1/2 price. Wasn't real cheap originally...but not top of the line. I actually cut the opening and installed a replacement glass with attached frame. It had a small bead of a sort of sticky foam in the outside frame. Thats what was melting...even though I never painted the door from the original white.

I kept cleaning it off with solvents and even tried caulking the frame to the door. It finally just stopped after 10 yrs and then I painted the door.

It sounds like you may have a different problem and that the adhesive holding the glass to the frame is squeezing out onto the glass?

For that I would either leave it for cold weather or run an ice cube over it and then cut with a razor and scrape the stuff off the glass. It may be an ongoing thing.

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07-16-12, 11:49 AM   #4  
They weren't high-end doors but they weren't big box store specials either. I guess just keep on cutting and paint-patching.

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