Vinyl Windows for Noise Reduction


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Vinyl Windows for Noise Reduction

I know this is a diy forum, but I am hoping that someone can help with some questions I have. We are about to replace 16 windows of which 10 face a very close, busy and noisy street (construction trucks/buses/large trucks going by doing 40 mph less than 20 paces from our house). 4 of those windows are in our master bedroom. We have a decent quote from a company that would put in Thermal Gard windows, triple paned, argon gas filled with Hot Melt Butyl Seats using super spacer. We can pay an extra $278 per window for the 5/16th laminated glass. First, does anyone know the stc for both the Thermal Gard triple pane window and the Thermal Gard 5/16th laminated windows? We can't seem to find them. If we can't find the stc, would these windows elimate the noise if we a) just bought the triple pane windows b) only put the laminated windows in our room c) only put windows on the top floor where it seems to be the loudest?

Thank you in advance for any help you can give! We've already done half the windows once ourselves and the noise got worse not better. We can't afford to keep making mistakes.
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I would have to say that you tell the company to provide those figures. In a company website printout...not just their statement. Or at least a link to the company info so you can look for yourself.

Every reputable manufacturer has that information....unless they have never submitted the windows for testing.
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If your salesman can't provide you with the data you need, I would contact the mfg directly, or perhaps via their website. Its unlikely that they will offer any sort of specialty glass that offers higher STC ratings other than their standard triple glazed w/krypton or the laminated glass option you mentioned. I am guessing both STC are in the low 30's which is about average.

Here is an older post with some STC data from one of our glass experts, Oberon. He doesn't show up often, but when he does, he usually has some good stuff.
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How many other bids have you received? What did they have to say?

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