Question on bay window for kitchen sink area


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Question on bay window for kitchen sink area

I'm in the final steps of specing out a bay window for our kitchen remodel. We will have casement side windows at a 45 degree angle and, as I see it, we have two choices for where the bottom of the window ends up: either so that the counter goes right up to it or there would be a bit of a sill. Are there any recommendations for one way or the other. Also, once I decide on one or the other, are there any rules for sizing the bottom rough opening so that the window comes out correctly in relation to the top of the counter? I've got 1.25" of subfloor, 34.5" counter height, 1.25" of granite counter. Where would I want the top of the bottom opening in relation to that?

I'm kind of leaning towards having a sill of about 2" so that I don't have to try and get this whole thing so "right on the money". Seems like having the counter go right out level to the window could get tricky, is that correct?

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Are you using a granite back-splash on the counter, or running it flush and using tile (or something else) for a back-splash? Don't go "Daniel Boone" back there, or you will be doing a lot of talking to yourself in the future--water exposure is hard on painted sheetrock, and the open gap will be a perpetual maintenance problem regardless of how good the caulk is you use to fill it.
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Raising the window slightly to keep it above the counter is a good idea for the reason you mentioned. Gives you some wiggle room and keeps your options open. You could always drop it down lower if you decide against a sill nose/trim.

Casement window cranks and especially the LOCKS are a little hard to reach on a bay window that has a counter in front of it. Not practical at all IMO.

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