Transom Window Above Front Door Cracked

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Transom Window Above Front Door Cracked


When installing our door our contractor cracked the top transom window. Only the outerpane is cracked, the inner pane is not. It's been five years and despite my efforts to get him to fix it, it hasn't happened. So, I got an estimate from a local glass company and they quoted me a price of $700.00. When I went back to the lumber company where I bought the window, they said to replace it would be around $700.00 as well.

I really don't have the money to replace the window, so is there anything I can do to fix it myself? I know that these windows are made in the factory and have some type of special gas that they use, hence the reason for the high price, but can I just remove the outer layer of glass and leave it as is? Or if I remove the broken glass is there anyway I can just have a piece of glass cut to size and install that myself?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Five years? Geez, you might not even be able to sue the contractor anymore.

We replace a lot of IGUs in our units, probably an average of about one a month, so we set up a relationship with a glass company so we get their wholesale price like a contractor would and then we replace them ourselves.
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I know CT is expensive....but $700? How darn big is it? I can't imagine the IGU costing more than about $200-300.

What kind or construction is it? Wood, vinyl, fiberglass? Was the transom part of the door being replaced or separate? Do you have the brand of the door?
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How about a picture of the interior and exterior of this transom window.

If you feel like trying it yourself, you can't just replace one pane of glass. You would have to remove the entire double paned insulating glass unit (IGU) without completely destroying it, then take it to a glass house (larger cities have commercial glass companies) and ask them to make you another one. They can make it low-e argon or they could just make it clear glass... all depends what you want to pay for. If you want it done cheap, just ask for clear glass.

Can't tell you how to get the old one out without some pictures. And a few closeups of the glass perimeter.

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