Where can I find a 30" "fire" door?


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Where can I find a 30" "fire" door?

Hi All.

I was hit by Hurricane Sandy and I ended up with 3 feet of water in my garage / boiler room. I ripped down drywall and cleanup is well under way.

At some point during the demolition I discarded the 30" door that separates my garage from my boiler room. It was a VERY heavy door, which I understand is because it was a "fire" door (whatever that means).

I've tried to do some online searches for a replacement door but I'm having no success. I'm starting to regret disposing of the door but it was cracked and peeling (and kinda filthy).

I'm hoping that someone here can help me understand what a "fire" door is and help me locate a place to order a new one....

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Do a search online for "fire rated door". Many/most door companies produce fire rated models and are available with different fire ratings. Depending on how they (fire rated doors) are required by code in your area will probably drive if they are stocked by your local building suppliers. In my area they are not required by code (or not enforced) for residential construction so the big box home centers do not stock them and they must be special ordered.

Oh, a fire door is just a door that is designed or has been tested to resist fire for a certain period of time. I've seen fiberglass doors rated as low as 20 minutes and steel ones of 90 minutes. Basically the higher the number the longer is can resist being burned through by a fire.
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You may not even need a true fire door. Code when I was back in VA (and here in my town in AZ) was that it had to be either a steel door (fire rating not required) or a solid core wood door at least 1 3/8" thick. That eliminated paneled wood doors since the edges of the panels aren't thick enough.

I'd guess from your description of "cracked and peeling" that you had a flat solid core wood door. It probably had a particle board core (which is acceptable in the areas I mentioned). I have a 1 3/4" door between my garage and house here...same as I had in VA. I think the reason I have/had those is because 1 3/4" is more commonly available, since some people used them for exterior doors as well. Here I have a 36", in VA it was 32".....common sizes.

You may have to order a 30" unless you check with local lumber yards or building supply. You also need to measure your jamb for the correct thickness.

Call your local codes office, I'm sure they will be willing to help.
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Many Thanks to both of you! I'll keep my search going.
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You might also want to consider if it's worth enlarging the opening to accept an easier to find metal door.

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