moisture on inside of storm door


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moisture on inside of storm door

What causes moisture on the glass on the inside of my storm door? There is no moisture build up on the windows in the house, but the inside of storm doors are always clouded with moisture. I live in Michigan and it is about 30 degrees outside right now.
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It usually happens here when the inside door is opened and warm air is allowed to hit SINGLE pane storm door glass which due to being SINGLE pane is very cold. When warm meets cold you get condensation of moisture that's in the warm air.
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Also the door does not have to be open to cause this. Air leakage around the perimeter of the primary door (a drafty door with poor weatherstripping) will allow warm moist air from the house to get trapped between the 2 doors, and since your storm door glass is cold it will condense.
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Good advice. Mine does it almost immediately in really cold weather when I open the door to let the dogs out in the morning. Consider investigating how the main door is sealed.....threshold, top and sides. May need to replace worn pieces.
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Thanks & Any more adive?

Thanks for the info. You confirmed my suspicions! The space between my steel door & storm door is about 6 inches. I do have weatherstripping around the frame close to the steel door side. But apparently that is not enough, as the inside of the storm door is constantly covered with moisture. It is not just when I open the steel door. I will have to see if I can do something more to stop the warm inside air from escaping! Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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It seems like just a door, but the warm air inside with cold air outside creates a natural pressure difference between inside and outside, top to bottom. In the trades we call it stack effect, but a 6' door is higher than many attics which use that same pressure to vent the unwanted hot air.

Try an incense stick or cobweb around the frame to see if you can see any leaks.

In addition, most storm windows provide a small opening at the bottom which serves as a weep hole for water and as a vent to allow a slight air exchange. If your sweep on the storm door seals too well, once the moisture gets in it cannot get out.


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