door wont fit!


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door wont fit!

I had removed the door to a bedroom to do some reno's .... painting flooring and so on. And now I try to put the doors backk and they dont fit! What can I do to make any adjustments? can I move or adjust the hinges?
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Hi.....welcome to the forums.

Did you pull the pins out of the hinges or did you remove the screws ?

What is hitting now.....the floor since you added a new floor ?
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Did you remove more than one door?
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Assuming you removed more than one door - I'd bet you got the doors mixed up. On new work I almost always remove the doors so I can spray them BUT I always mark the doors and the corresponding jamb. If the hinges are removed you can take a magic marker and put a number where the hinges used to be, if you just popped the pins - use a pencil to write the number on the hinge.

That should help you next time but for this time you'll need to try the doors at various locations to find where they fit

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