House to garage door


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House to garage door

I am getting ready to replace my door that goes from the house to the garage and could not find anything in the search that pertains to this issue. Currently the door opens out to the garage with the hinges exposed on the garage side. Now I have never come across any entry door that opens outward into a garage before and I got to thinking that the person that installed it was not thinking when it came to this particular door install until I was across the street at my neighbors home where I noticed his door was installed in the same manner. I was planning on putting the new door in the inward open position. There would be no issues to doing so that I see but thought I would check with those of you that have more knowledge than I in this area. Thanks in advance for your input.
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Building codes require that a door between a garage and living quarters have a fire rating so keep this in mind for the replacement door. My door has a label on the top edge but since I didn't want to get the ladder out I couldn't read exactly what the rating was in the mirror.

This door is also supposed to be self-closing and that is often done with a spring-loaded hinge. Door hinges can be purchased with non-removable pins or also with alignment pins that prevent the door from being removed when in the closed position so having the door swing out into the garage is not necessarily a problem. It could have been made that way for lack of inward swing room or even a provision in your local building code that requires it to swing outward from the living quarters.
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I've painted a lot of houses that had a garage or service door that opened out. Usually it was because it made for better flow in/out of the house. All the new homes built this way had the hinge with the little tab in the hinge that Furd described. With those types of hinges you can pull the pins but you can't remove the door if the latch is locked.

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