broken pvc casement window


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broken pvc casement window

Hi hoping someone can help.I have a triple pane casement window the looks kid and a pellet gun broke the first pane.I want to remove the glass unit to get replaced and everyone i talked tells me the are strips on the inside of the wind that you pop out and can remove the glass.Well i do not see any strips on the inside that can be removed all i see on the inside is a pvc frame.The only strips i see are on the outside of the window.the window is made by willmar windows.I attatched 2 pics so you see what i mean.Any help would great thanks!!
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Yes, the glazing strips on that window are on the outside. Be very careful if you remove them, they can sometimes be brittle and sometimes like to break. Start by driving the tip of a super sharp chisel, glazier's knife or thin putty knife into the seam, just far enough that it starts to make it separate from the frame. (1/16" or so) Do this in the center of the longest side of the frame. Then as you keep pressure on the glazier's knife to keep it from slipping out, change the angle on the glazier's knife, tipping it away from the center of the glass slightly, and tap it with your hammer. The glazing strips should start to come out. Once you get them started, you can usually pull them out by hand the rest of the way.

Once one long side piece is completely removed, the top and bottom will come out easily, then the opposite side will come out last. The glass will likely be glazed to the inside of the frame with either silicone or two-faced tape, which has to be cut with an angled knife from the inside in order to release the glass from the frame.

You should probably first call the window company and ask about their warranty. Some mfg's will send out new glass at no charge for any reason... whether it's fogged, or accidental breakage. So it's worth checking into. Sometimes on a casement they will send you a whole new sash. Just depends on their warranty and how they want to handle it.

If you get the old glass out without breaking it, just take it to a city glass shop (commercial glass shop) and they can order or make a new IGU for you and get it to you in a few days or a week usually. In the meantime, you can cut a piece of plywood that is equal in size to the glass... or just put the old IGU back in temporarily until the new one arrives.

It's critical that the new glass be exactly the same size AND THICKNESS as the original in order for everything to fit and work properly as it did when it was new. This can't be stressed enough, or your glazing strips either won't go back on, or won't fit properly.

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