Low-E Glass or Window Tint?


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Low-E Glass or Window Tint?

Hi -

I have windows that are about 13 years old and are not low-e. On the West side of my house, I want to do something to:

* Reduce the glare from 2 windows on a TV
* Reduce the amount of solar heat gain from all of the West side windows

I have some window tint companies coming out for estimates next week so right now I have no idea what to expect for cost. In the meantime, I've also called the window manufacture and they can send me new low-e sashs for my windows.

How do low-e windows compare window tint for glare and heat reduction? Should I expect one to perform better than the other? Does low-e reduce glare or just heat transfer? Does low-e block light like the window film does (undesirable, in my opinion)?

Thanks for your advice!
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IIRC LoE only reduces light transmittal by about 20-30% but it does very well at blocking heat and UV.

Most tinted films are good at blocking light...not so great at on heat transference, though they do help if you get the right type. The Pro installed films from 3M and the like are better than the DIY stuff....but you pay for it. If you go with film, make sure they cover seal failure of your windows as that can be an issue. No window manufacturer will warrant their windows if film is applied.

When I sold windows and the concern was heat AND glare...it was always LoE with a tint. Normally window makers have 2 or 3 shades of tint.

Here's some info about LoE.....compare that to what the tint companies provide...The Efficient Windows Collaborative: Window Technologies
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Thanks Gunguy45. You always provide a lot of information.

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