Sliding Glass Door Track is Bent


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Sliding Glass Door Track is Bent

I was a landlord for the first time this past year, and I had a couple of surprises when I visited the place to say goodbye to my tenant. The largest being that the sliding glass door barely opened and when it did it would come off the track.

I did a little research online, and the general solution to this is just to raise the wheels up so is slides better. Seems easy enough. However, the track on the door is actually bent and chipped. I attached some pictures.

Is this normal wear and tear for a door to do this? The track is physically chipped. I was shocked that it would be this warped and beat up.

Would raising the wheels be enough to get door rolling again? Or do I need to focus on a straight track too? I will only have 3 days of vacancy to address the problem, so I'd like to know soon whether this is going to be something more serious than tightening a few screws or putting on new wheels.
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Welcome to the forums! I have only seen this once and it was due to a super large person in a wheelchair running over it repeatedly on a daily basis. You need straight tracks. It may be possible to get a pair of pliers in and straighten out the extrusion, but in all likelihood it is toast, and would require a new sill, meaning removal of the doors, frame and sill, replacing the latter with a new one.
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That's very discouraging. This part of the track is next to the window and there's no way that anything could roll over it.

I'm assuming everything you mentioned is pretty expensive. I've contacted a couple of local companies in my area to look into this, but none of them do repairs. I'm debating how much of the security deposit to keep.
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They make replacement tracks I believe. You cut or grind off the old one and pop rivet the new one in place. Not sure how good they are. Sill or door replacement might be simpler.

I'll see if I can find a source.
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Here's the first one that popped up...can't vouch for them....Track Depot: Patio Door & Sliding Door Replacement Tracks Available Online
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You may be able to pinch them straight with a pair of metal bending pliers. They are used to bend sheet metal and have a 1" deep by 2" wide mouth to pinch on both sides. May help you muscle the track back into relative shape.

Sheet Metal Bending Pliers - Lee Valley Tools

I guess that the poorly aligned wheels and the constant jumping of the track caused the bend. Surprised they did not contact you earlier to get it repaired.
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I got one of these for my bumpy track.

Prime-Line 1/4 in. x 8 ft. Stainless Steel Sliding Door Repair Track-D 1579-1 at The Home Depot

works great. Use silicone to install it.
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I second timbowhat's recommendation. I've also used them for this exact problem. You just have to straighten out the track enough that it will slip on, capping the bumps in the track. You might also need a grinder to clean up any ridges on the track that can't be straightened.

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