Where to buy double pane window glasses


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Where to buy double pane window glasses

I have 3 foggy double pane windows of 3'Wx4'H, I was able to remove double pane glass from the sash (32(7/8)"Wx23(3/8)"H), but I could not find where to get double pane glasses, the glass is 31(1/8)"Wx21(1/8)"H.

I was thinking of buying whole windows of 3'x4' from Home Depot or Lowe's and removing glasses from them, e.g., HD has single hang windows of 3'x4' for $120/each. Only the upper sashes of my windows are foggy, I may able to repair 2 windows with glasses from one new window.

WindowParts.com sells Anderson Window sash, the price for a sash is $180 which is more than a window.

Are there better (cheaper) ways to get double pane glasses? I'm in DC area.

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Most IGUs (Insulated Glass Units) are custom sized to the manufacturer of the window. You can usually get the replacement IGU from the window manufacturer or most glass shops will be able to order the units if you give them the exact dimensions. This should be significantly less expensive than buying a complete window unit, removing the glass, tossing the new frame and cobbling the old frame to accept the new glass.
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The only change I would make to Furd's advice is to have the glass shop come out to measure. While they are there, they might even have a suggestion to make your task easier or less expensive.
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Furd and tldoug,
Thanks for your suggestions. The windows were installed 19 yrs ago, I could not find receipts or tell the manufacturer.

I stated calling local shops, their prices per window are very different, the cheapest for replacing one glass is higher than buy a whole window from Home Depot.

I'll make more calls today and plan to visit Home Depot this weekend. When I removed the glasses from sash, I found there are removable spacers between glass and sash, there are some tolerances for glass sizes.

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