Bedroom doors won't close properly


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Bedroom doors won't close properly

I just moved into an older house and all the bedroom/bathroom doors do not fit the door frames anymore due to the house being warped (the doors seem to be too big in spots and won't close all the way). What would be the best way to trim the down so they fit again? Should I simply use a power sander and sand down the doors so they fit properly or would there be a better tool to use...or should I focus on adjusting the frames instead of the doors?
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Derrick, welcome to the forums!! OK, the doors fit the frames when they were made, so trimming the doors is not the best answer. As you stated you have had settlement. You need to make a road trip to the basement/crawlspace and look at your joists. Being an older house the joists were probably undersized and of wood that has age on it. They could be sagging. If you notice an unusual span of joists that seems too long, you may have found your problem. It may be as simple as determining where you could install a beam, pour footings at the ends of where you want your beam, place the beam and posts in place, after jacking the house slightly in a slow manner to correct the sag.

If you can get under the house, take some pictures of the area where you detect the most sagging and let us see what you see by posting them here.
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First thing I'd look for is loose or stripped hinge screws.
Often times in an old house it's a case by case fix to the problems.
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Chandler - I actually am already in the process of re-leveling the house because there is some sag in the middle of the floor. I bought a pair of floor jacks and am turning them a quarter of a turn each week as the instructions recommend. When I am done with this, I will be filling the gap it has created between the cross beam and the middle basement column with a plate of steel that can support the house's weight (this was the quick-fix recommendation of a contractor I know since replacing the entire column is WAY out of my price range at the moment). One side of the house is already to the level I need it to be at and the door still has this issue.

Joecaption1 - Everything is screwed in tight. My problems stem from the settling of the house and even after I have re-leveled it with floor jacks, the doors are not perfect.
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What kind of doors do you have? The best tool to use varies by the type of door.

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