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Removing adhesive residue from vinyl window frame

Removing adhesive residue from vinyl window frame


Old 06-26-13, 04:32 PM
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Removing adhesive residue from vinyl window frame

When we bought our present home the previous owner had put this "shrink-to-fit" plastic film over the glass (actually plastic) block windows in both bathrooms. I guess it was somewhat effective in stopping drafts but it looks really cheap in a nice house like this.

Anyway, with the move and everything behind us I took it down and we ordered some "cellular" blinds for the bathrooms. Before they arrive I wanted to remove the last of the adhesive from the vinyl window frames. Getting the stuff off is like removing old wallpaper or other such stuff. Some of it comes off easily with a razor blade and then "Goof Off", but some of it is really tenacious.

I finished one but before I start on the other one I have two questions.

1. Any easier way or just struggle along?

2. I've got a couple of nicks and gouges where I wasn't careful enough with the razor and I'd like to buff those out. Any recommendations on how fine a grit abrasive will do it and leave the same finish on the vinyl? They're not real noticeable now but I'm afraid with time dirt will collect in the voids and they'll be more noticeable.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Old 06-26-13, 07:27 PM
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Let's see if I understand this correctly. You have vinyl-cased windows and there was the winterizing plastic over them, using what I would assume to be either double-sided tape or that brand's equivalent of such.

Something I found when I used it for the first time this past winter, was that while it applied nicely and such, it sure made quite the mess when I took it off. I was going to try a razor blade, but mine are imitation wood-grain vinyl... So to make a long story short- I sprayed the entire frame down with Citrus Goo Gone and A LOT of elbow grease with a clean rag. The Goo Gone gets oily after a while, but nearly liquefies the adhesive.

I'm not sure this will work for you if the adhesive was on for years... or if multiple layers are on it.. But I was able to get all my adhesive off one window after about half an hour of spraying, soaking and scrubbing.

I can't say I have any suggestions for you on #2.. Hopefully someone else comes along that can help.
Old 06-26-13, 07:33 PM
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First choice: soft scrub. It's amazing stuff for cleaning and polishing vinyl. But it still takes some elbow grease.

Second choice: Acetone is a pretty potent solvent, you might get a small can and try some on a cotton swab. It will likely dissolve the plastic and glue pretty quickly and will then soften the vinyl up so don't scrape on the vinyl for quite a while until the acetone flashes off and the vinyl has a chance to harden again. This may also work on your gouges.

Be sure to get yourself a pair of solvent proof gloves. As with all potent solvents, the mandatory disclaimer would be "test on a small inconspicuous area before continuing". LOL
Old 06-27-13, 02:33 PM
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Thumbs up Gooey adhesive remover

If Goo Gone and acetone don't do the trick, you can try baby oil (mineral oil). Alternatively, there is a product called Adhesive Off from the folks at CrystalTek.
Adhesive Off by CrystalTek? Green products that work

Do NOT use this on an acylic surface .... many adhesives are made of either water-based or solvent-based adhesives. It eats those adhesives and will do the same for your acrlic spa, counter-top, etc.

It will also take the oil out of your fingers ... so wear those rubber gloves.

With those cautions in mind, this stuff works great!

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