Trim for aluminum windows


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Trim for aluminum windows

So I'm in the same place as the original poster here.

In that I have these Jeld Wen aluminum windows that have been put in the new construction of my home. The puzzle for me is that I don't plan on putting any trim around them as I wanted a sleeker look. However they protrude from the exterior nailing fin 1 3/8" which means that after putting on 7/8" inch thick of stucco they still stick out from the wall 1/2" which would be fine except the edge of the windows isn't capped. So it's just kind of open. I'm really confused as to what the manufacturer had in mind here. The window dealer said to just fill the open space in with sealant which sounds kind of lame and half assed. I've included a drawing to illustrate the problem. Any thoughts besides building the stucco up to 1 3/8"?
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You could bend a filler piece (shaped like a [ ) to fit tightly inside the 1 3/8" wide space. You'd probably do that before the stucco guy arrives. This would probably also be kind of lame, but might not look bad if you could match the color of the aluminum window exactly... it would probably look like a factory part.

I think some guys would probably make stucco trim around it by adding an additional symmetrical layer around the window.

Welcome to the forums Clark, its usually best to create your own thread by clicking the "post new thread" link from one of the forums. Look forward to hearing what you end up doing / how it turns out.
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Moved post to own thread. Linked other thread for continuity....
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That area outside the nailing flange is where the aluminum brickmold would be snapped in place. It's been a while since I sold J-W windows....but I'm pretty sure they sold a stucco return trim (or whatever it was called) to trim out that area. It may still protrude slightly but it looks much nicer.

Either that...or the dealer sold you the wrong model of windows. If you post what series/model you bought, I'll try and dig up some info. Unfortunately, I don't think J-W has a good listing of installation accessories on their site.

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