moisture sealed in double pane glass


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moisture sealed in double pane glass

A few weeks prior to Sandy, I had a little incident and cracked the inside glass of a 2 pane window. I never fixed it till the whole thing blew in from Sandy forcing me to orchestrate an emergency fix having my wife and young son hold up a door to the opening while I ran to HD with my older son for plywood tools.

To make a long story short, I fixed it but there is moisture sealed inside and it shows foggy. If I drill a hole in the glass in the top corner, will the moisture evaporate and clear up the fog? And if so, do I seal the hole later with some clear silicone?

All posts appreciated.
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No, you have lost the hermetic seal and the inert gasses that filled the space between the glass that normally prevents fogging. It's IGU replacement time.
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Assuming that you have a true IGU (a sealed insulating glass unit, and not one of the older single pane windows that has an interior panel and lots of air holes out the perimeter of the wood frame between them)... your DIY double pane repair likely is not 100% effective in sealing the unit, and the dessicant inside the aluminum spacer has failed, meaning it's either being overwelmed with moisture or is spent and can't absorb that moisture any longer. As Larry stated, the entire IGU should be replaced as a unit, not as a one sided DIY repair. A commercial glass shop is the best place to order an IGU, but the size is critical (width x height x thickness of the dual pane unit.) Usually the thickness is measured to the closest 1/16". Glass shops have tools that can determine the thickness without actually removing the glass. Unless they allow you to borrow one of these tools, the only DIY way to measure the glass is to actually remove it from the window and measure it. If you have already attempted a repair by changing the glass, it's possible that the thickness of that unit has been altered slightly. The person who measures would be wise to doublecheck the thickness of a unit on an identical window that has not been tampered with.

The hole drilling idea might work, and it wouldn't hurt to try (since you will likely be replacing the entire unit anyway), but you would likely need more than just one hole if you want the entire unit to be condensation free. Drilling one at each corner might do the trick, but if the unit is large, you may still get some condensation in the center of the unit. The holes would also defeat the purpose of having 2 panes of glass, since the idea of 2 panes is to completely separate the air contacting the outer pane from the air contacting the inner pane. And if it does work, you could never plug those holes again or the moisture would return.

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