New Construction Interior Doors Too Narrow


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New Construction Interior Doors Too Narrow

Replacing existing pre hung interior doors with new pre hung doors in newer construction (2002) home. Huge problem we're running into is that nearly every dimension on every door AND rough opening is currently 1/4" too narrow. For example, existing bedroom door SLAB is 29 3/4" x 80" and RO is 31 3/4" x 82". All we can find as replacement is pre hung slabs of 30"x80" and RO's of 32 x 82. This goes for the rest of the doors in the house. Have tried jamming the the new frame in- shimmed and level says its plumb but the door won't stay shut on its own. Also tried shaving 1/4" off the hinge side of a regular slab door for the bathroom. Disaster! I'm sure there has to be a relatively easy way to move forward, but I cant figure it out. Any advice out there for a solution that doesn't involve custom doors and can reuse the existing moulding? In this too deep now to turn back.
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This is a new one on me....I sold doors and windows for 5 years not to long ago...and ALL pre-hungs are as you describe your old ones to be. It was when people bought slabs they were surprised they would have to trim them down. Many would buy pre-hung and remove the doors from the frame just to avoid the work or special order.

Maybe one of our Pro's can let us know if something has changed?
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Door RO

Replace the jack stud on one side with a 1x4, This will increase the RO width by 3/4 in.

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