door frame not square


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Question door frame not square

Hi everyone. I am trying to replace a storm door. and I had to build a new frame for it. it is square in 3 of the 4 corners. the corner that is not, square is a bottom one. I know that I will have to shim it but were ? do I shim it, from the bottom up, or want ? I'm lost on the shimming part.
Thanks for your help.

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the sweep on a storm door is adjustable, so that will help. The main thing is that the width of the opening should be the same, and that it is plumb. A 78" level would really help you out and would make it obvious where you need to shim. If the opening is 31 7/8" at the top and 32 1/2" at the bottom, it's pretty obvious that you need to shim the side of the opening 5/8" nearest the bottom. The question is, which side... or is it both? The 78" level would help you figure that out. 78" is better than 48" level because it's more accurate, as you are checking the entire length of the opening at once, and it's also a straightedge, meaning it will be just as straight as your storm door will be.

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