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Question UV Protective Material

Hello Community,

This is my first post here
I usually spend time living in a room where there are many windows and I'm sitting close to them. The UV radiation is what I'm worried about since I have no idea whether windows had UV film installed.

I have curtain installed. However I'm not sure if it can effectively filter UV out. During day, sunlight can go through this curtain too.
Curtain: https://app.box.com/s/p4psmjpr3cn3j8ljttzm

I know that window glass regardless of its type can block all UVB, but not UVA. And UVA can penetrate most synthetic materials. I would like to ask for a cheap or DIY options to provide an effective extra protection to my windows against UV(A) radiation. ( I don't want to install UV film since it's costly here. )

I am considering the feature board (aka corrugated plastic or polypropylene sheet). I heard that PVC and Polycarbonate effectively filter UVA (don't know how many %) but what about Polypropylene?

Every comments are welcomed

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Welcome to the forums! Since you didn't fill out your profile, we don't know where "here" is. Knowing as much as we can helps us to help you. Nice picture of the curtains, but it doesn't help us identify the type window you have. Could you post pictures of window inside and out without the curtain. No closeups, we know what glass looks like.
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Is there any reason for doing all this? Health, trying to prevent fading or degrading something inside the house?
Film would be the easiest, best looking, least intrusive way to do it.
I just can not imagine any form of plastic or polypropylene doing much good and would just look poopy.
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I'm doing this for skin health reason. I knew that curtains can filter 'some' of UVA but majority of it will go through. So I am looking for an additional protection.

It is fine for me if the windows will look poopy because of it since no one will look at it anyway.

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