About to knock a hole in wall - help needed!


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About to knock a hole in wall - help needed!

Double brick 1920s single story detached house.

At the moment, access to sub-basement (ie below wooden floor supported on brick piers) is via tiny hole in bedroom floorboards.

So plan is to cut small (400mm W x 500mm H) (15.7w x 23.6h) opening at ground level through the brick wall. Obviously the wall above is supporting a load of bricks (~4metres) and the roof.

Is there much risk in cutting this small opening in a load bearing wall? Im experienced DIY, but not a builder.

Does such a narrow opening require anything more than a small galv steel L lintel (eg) 75mm x 75mm by 600mm wide?

Would I need to support the wall (bearing in mind the narrow opening) with props before fitting the lintel?

Thanks for any advice!

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Welcome to the forums!

This is going to be tricky. How are you planning to support the wall while fitting the lintel in? You might be able to remove the bricks from a triangular- or pyramid-shaped space above your opening, fit the lintel(s), and then replace the bricks. A forged lintel will probably be needed.
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IMO, at only 16" wide, making the hole won't be a problem at all. At less than 24" wide, you should also be able to tooth out an additional half brick at the top corners on each side to insert that lintel without any structural problems.

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