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We just moved into a 14-year-old house. The windows all appear to be painted shut. The previous owners lived here for 7 years and said they never opened the windows due to severe allergies. They are double-hung wooden windows. I have used a screwdriver to break the paint-seal, but still can't get them to budge. Any advice?
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we need to know more about the make up of the window such as is it a vertical sliding sash window oe a top hung or a side hung window, although wooden windows are notorius for being stuck fast if painted over, did the previous owner screw them shut and thw paint has covered the screw heads.
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I see you said they were double hung well the hinges may have seazed tight and would be nigh impossible to open with out some minor damage, what type of locking system is used??
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By locking mechanism I assume you mean how to lock the window from intruders. There is a metal clasp on top of the innermost window (the bottom one) that you slide over to lock it. Would it help any if I sprayed some WD-40 down into the sides? I got one side of one of them to move a little, but the other side is stuck fast. I've jarred them with a hammer (and with my fist) with still no luck. They shouldn't be screwed shut -- the previous owner said they were just painted over a couple of times. The weather is starting to get nice here and this house has a ventilator fan, but I can't use it unless I can get these crazy windows open. Thanks for your help.
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I don't guarantee this is the proffered method, however it works for me so I thought I would pass it along. This idea works better than a fist or hammer as their is a more positive transmission of force. Place a two by four over the top of the vertical side section of the lower sash. Hit the two by four down with a five pound hammer as close to the side as you can. The idea is to shock the window so the paint bond fractures. Start off gently and get less gentler as needed. Move from side to side. Do not hammer directly over the horizontal secton of the sash as you will crack glass. Once you see the window move a bit you should be able to raise it up and then clean off some of the paint for a smoother operating window.

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