Joining two vinyl double-hung windows


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Question Joining two vinyl double-hung windows

I know that mullion kits are used to join two vinyl windows side-by-side into one large window. Are mullion kits specific to a particular brand of window? Or will most any mullion fit interchangeably? I found two new windows for sale but unfortunately the stickers/tags are gone and Iíve no way to know what the brand is.

Thanks for the advice.
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There is no standardization among manufacturers so it's hit or miss if another brand kit will work with those windows. You just have to measure and look at what you've got to see if it can be made to work.

You also can install each window individually with one or two 2x4 between them and then trim out the center wood with pvc molding. Sort of like two separate windows installed normally just really close together.
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[B]Adding a 2 x 4 is not an option. no room. From what I can tell, a mull kit adds nothing in the way of stability and consists mainly of a j-channel piece, some foam tape and something called a fin splice. Is that accurate? These windows are going on an enclosed back porch and I'm not picky about it looking perfect. Unless there's something structural that I am overlooking I may try to come as close as possible for a match and give it a try.


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