Removing/replacing REALLY old doorknob


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Removing/replacing REALLY old doorknob

Hi...this is my first time posting as I've just found this place. I am in an apartment in a building that is clearly very old and the door knob doesn't work very well...even when it's in all the way you can push the door without turning the knob and it opens. I would be eternally grateful for any assistance!

So I was looking into replacing it seeing as I figured this would be a simple job, but once I got to removing the old doorknob, I got stuck and am looking for help.

I've attached some pictures. I've removed all visible screws, but the doorknob still won't come off. There is an 'old-timey' keyhole that was somehow either removed or somehow rigged it so it no longer worked.

I am at a loss for what to try next...any suggestions would be hugely helpful. The next question is though, do you think a new doorknob would even fit? The strike plate and the side (don't know the names) are about twice as tall as a normal one, because there is supposed to be a second lock.
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Going to have to find a mortised knob set before removing what's then now.
You still have not removed or at leased backed off the screw holding the door knob on. Once out the knob will unscrew.
Insert a screw driver in the old knob hole and yank it toward the latch with both hands to pop the mortis out.
A regular knob is not going to fit.
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Ahh great that helped already. Just knowing it's called a 'mortised knob set' is a big help. Will give this another go.
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I am assuming this is an interior door, not the entrance to the apartment. Does the bolt move in and out when you turn the knob? If it does, the lock is OK, it is probably not aligned with the hole in the strike plate due to settling, paint buildup or whatever. Trace the bolt on the casing (moulding) with a pencil in an almost closed position to see if it lines up with the hole. The door also may not be closing enough to catch the strike because of paint buildup. The quickest and easiest fix might be to file the hole in the strike so that the bolt will catch.

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