Rubber on door-frame painted


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Rubber on door-frame painted

The local council came and painted the door-frame the other day. With this they also painted the rubber bit on the frame that cushions the door when it closes.
They put tape on the door to avoid the door getting paint on it. The door was left open for a few hours so it could dry, but as I have a small child I had to close it because they decided on the brilliant decision to do this in the freezing cold, and thus making the flat freezing.
Even after a few days every time I open the door I have to put some effort into it because the rubber is sticking to the door. I felt the rubber and it is still sticky and leaves paint on my finger when I touch it.
I don't want to take the tape off because I don't want to stain the door, but i'm not sure if the tape being on is hindering things or not.

I would really appreciate any advice anyone has, as i'm not a handy guy when it comes to these things and have no clue what to do.

Apologies if this is in the wrong section.

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Welcome to the forums! You are apparently in the southern hemisphere, although your profile is incomplete. It would help us to know where you are located. In the US, most exterior doors come with removable weather stripping. It is removed from the groove in the wood, the wood is painted, the groove cleaned out and the weatherstripping replaced. It would also help us to see what you see, so if you could post a couple of pictures (not closeups) of the door and seal, it would help.
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Try rubbing some talcum powder on the tape. Baby powder or whatever you have will work.
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Why is the tape still on the door! Masking tape should always be removed as soon as possible, the longer the tape stays on, the harder it is to remove. The rubber weatherstripping shouldn't not be painted ....... or am I totally misunderstanding the situation? pics would be nice
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I'm from Poland. I'm unsure if it is removable weather stripping or not, as it was on the door when I moved in. I added links to pictures.

I was also thinking it shouldn't be painted anyway, but the guys who were doing it just did it.

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