Stacking / Sliding Barn Door


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Stacking / Sliding Barn Door

Hey guys,

I'm going to be starting a basement renovation soon. As part of that renovation, I'm putting in a bedroom downstairs for my in-laws who are selling their home and will be living with my wife and I for a portion of the year. They have a place down South as well so they will be splitting time with us and down south.

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I have a walk-out basement - the garage is at basement level through the door on the right on the picture attached, so every time I enter / leave the house I go through the basement.

I'm trying to balance privacy for my in-laws with really wanting the space to be as open as possible and not wasting square footage. If I build traditionally and try to give them privacy, essentially I would need to build a long hallway from the entry door to the staircase with a door to their bedroom area.

What I was thinking of doing instead is bridging the space between the utility close on the right side and the wall by the staircase on the left side with a barn door type of solution, and have something like an 8 - 10' cased opening in it that I could then conceal with a sliding door. the thing is, I don't think I will necessarily have 4' on each side to cover an 8' space.

Is there any product out there that consists of, (for example), four 2' panels or three 3' panels that I can slide out to cover that space that stack against each other? It would be nice to have everything on that one side. This way, when they are there, they can shut and get privacy, but I can also open it up when they aren't around and keep the area feeling bigger.
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About the only way I can see you doing this is to build a wall parallel to the lower wall the width of the closet, solid with a door about halfway down (for them). Then make a foyer with a wall across the other plane of the closet to meet the other closet. Change your entry door to a right hand swing door. This will give you entry, and immediate left turn into the former closet, then a right turn down a hallway to the staircase. They, likewise would use the door at the halfway point to access the upstairs.

Please don't laugh at my Paint drawing. It was quick.

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Depending on how deep your pocketbook is, they make folding patio doors.

Would work similar to how a hotel with banquet rooms adjust the size of the room with panels that they pull from recesses in the wall. One large ballroom can be cut up into three smaller ones.

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