Deadbolt Lock Won't Stay Tight


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Deadbolt Lock Won't Stay Tight

I recently moved into a new house and went to replace my locks but am having an issue with installing the deadbolt. I cannot get the whole lock to stay tight against the door. When you screw the 2 screws in from the inside of the door they will get to a certain point where they tighten up but if you tighten too far they basically strip and pop back out/loosen up. After several minutes I finally got both of the screws tight and within a few days the whole thing was loose again.

I'm not sure if there's something I'm missing. Obviously installing the thing is pretty straight forward. I'm only using the screws that came with it. Does it have anything to do with the thickness of the door/length of the screws? I do not have the instructions anymore, my wife started replacing the locks and discovered the issue first and when I came later to check it out she only had the hardware and no packaging.

Thanks for your help!
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You did not provide any information about your door or the deadbolt you are installing so it's hard to offer much specific advice.

Possibly the most likely problem is that the lock was not installed correctly. Sometimes it's surprisingly difficult to get the screws into the hole and you end up tightening them into the crevasse right next to it. There's enough tension to make you think you're tightening but it eventually just slips. Try removing the deadbolt from the door and assemble it out in the open where you can easily see the screws go into the holes. If it works then re-install it on the door making sure to get the screws into the holes.

Yes, the thickness of the door can have an affect. Some old, solid wood doors are too thin for some locks. Spacers need to be installed to add thickness to the door. You can buy pre-made ones or they're pretty easy to make if you have tools an material. Generally an 1/8" on each side of the door is enough.

Some locks are extremely poor quality. Give the deadbolt a look over to see if the female threads or screws are stripped. When in doubt assemble the lock in your hands, not in the door, to see if it can go together. When not installed in a door it's easier to spot manufacturing problems or defects.
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Thanks for the advice. I did take it off the door and 'install' it in my hands. It appears the inside of the piece it screws into is stripped, there's no threads for the screws to grab on to. Seems I just bought a pretty poor quality lock!

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