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Code question and clearance

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10-07-13, 02:55 PM   #1  
Code question and clearance


I am in a double wide manufactured home built in the 80s.

When I bought this place, two of the bedroom doors were folding doors that I absolutely hated - but I found evidence there use to be regular doors there. One of the bedroom doors is typical manufactured home door, it has a very large clearance between the bottom of the door and the floor. In neighbors homes I also always see a large gap between the bedroom door and the floor.

The gap is so large that normal door stop to hold a door open don't work, not tall enough.

They do not sell standard mobile doors at lowes or home depot and what I have seen on-line looks like junk. I am re-modeling, including replacing the wallboard (last residents painted on top of wallpaper which was laid on top of wallpaper which was laid on top of disgusting dark paneling meant to look like wood) and where the doors are, I can put in spacers to make the standard pre-hung doors fit - better doors, available locally so no outrageous shipping, etc. - only issue is the deptth is a little bigger so the prehung frame will stick out a small amount on each side but that doesn't bother me.

The question I have is regarding the gap at the bottom. This huge gap is only there on bedroom doors, not bathroom or closet. Is this because of some code thing related to mobiles that I might violate with a standard pre-hung door?

The house will probably never be moved, at least not by me, this park is always rated the best in this city and is hard to get into, so I can sell it for more than a factory new one costs just due to location, so I'm not that worried about sticking to strictly manufactured home stuff (e.g. I put in Kraftmain cabinets in the kitchen, floating floors, etc.)

Anyway if the huge gap is code then I need to know what the code is. Thank you for comments.

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10-07-13, 04:00 PM   #2  
There is no code for that gap, it's there so the air will circulate while the HVAC is running.
Your return air duct I'd guess is In the hallway, without the gaps there would be no make up air.
Better check the rough opening size before trying to fit a new door.
Any mobile home I've worked on uses shorter doors. A standard door is 6'8" and needs about a 6'10" rough opening.

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10-07-13, 04:23 PM   #3  
I have 83 inches from the subfloor to the stud. They have prehung doors with an assembled height of 81.063 inches, so I think that will work (I think they are actually intended for things like pantry door rather than bedroom but they look nice and will work)

The airflow is a good point, my HVAC is in the small laundry room next to the kitchen and there are no ducts to return air, only ducts to blow air.

So if I go this route, I will not put a very thick spacer in the top (will need something to shim and level it) and instead put a spacer at the bottom for the prehung door to sit on so I have a proper gap for air return.

Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

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