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Window company fixed my glass broke something else...

Window company fixed my glass broke something else...


Old 10-10-13, 08:55 PM
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Window company fixed my glass broke something else...

I have a tenant that broke the glass in the kitchen bay window. House is 1960s so this window is pretty old. There is a crank mechanism on the inside when you turn that will open and close the top panel. The tenant said his daughter cranked and cranked and forced it and the glass broke. Thankfully no one was harmed.

I have annotated the dimensions in case this is relevant.

You can see what's happened. The window frame is straight and fine. There is a piece under that's bent. There is a screw (label B) that goes through a bar, when you turn the crank that bar goes up and down, pulling the metal piece that's now bent. If you look closer, the top portion of that piece (label A) has dislocated as well. For some reason this piece of bent metal is not attached to the window frame, but to the frame of the screen under it. When she force turn the crank, it pulled that piece off up top, tore the screen mesh up top, and bent it, she cranked it further and the glass broke.

So the window company quoted me $150 to fix the glass and the metal bar.

They tried to take apart the frame, but the screws holding it together was corroded and stripped.

So the guy glued the glass into the frame.

In order to fix the metal bar, he said there is no spare parts for this because the window is so old. So he straightened out the bar, then he removed that screw and inserted the top of the other piece into the channel of the window frame middle member, then drilled the screw through both.

When he was done, the window frame in the middle is bent and cracked. The glass is fixed, and he said I should avoid opening that window from now on.

My wallet is $150 lighter, and my window now has a slightly different problem.

Is there an expert here that can advise me on how to properly fix this? What parts do I need and can I get a brand new panel, including the glass, frame, screen and the pieces that connect to the crank mechanism?
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Old 10-10-13, 09:13 PM
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I think you are SOL on this one.
Old 10-11-13, 12:52 AM
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I've come back here several times to look at the pics. That window system looks home made. Do you know any handymen ? It's time to have a new opening window custom made.
Old 10-11-13, 04:25 AM
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I doubt it's a homemade set up - I've painted more than a few of those type windows when I lived in fla.
Couldn't you take the metal bar off that needs replaced and go to a metal fab shop and have them make a new one?

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