Infilled exterior door


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Infilled exterior door

my house has an exterior door that was infilled. There was a large amount of air coming in from the exterior where it was infilled, so I decided to open it up to see what the problem was. I found out that no air sealing was done which explains the draft, but I also found out that the old wood threshold and sub-sill are rotten. I can see through to the top of the foundation (which is crumbling). See the photo attached.

How would you go about fixing this? I'm covering it back up, so it doesn't have to be pretty.

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Well, I think you would probably star by removing any rotten wood and all of that spray foam. Depending on what you find underneath, go from there. Sometimes you'll find bricks underneath. (old house) other times it will be floor joists and you can see into the crawl space or basement. If you have a crumbling foundation, probably the best thing to do is pull out any chunks that are loose and then encapsulate it by pouring a fresh concrete cap over it. It doesn't have to be real thick... but at least 2" or so. Try to level out the surface.

Once it's cured, you can place a piece of foam sill sealer across the cement, and a sill plate. If you add lumber to the sides, caulk behind the lumber before you attach it, to air seal the framing so that wind doesn't blow through any air gaps. You'll want framing on all 4 sides of the opening... then add a stud or two as needed. Fill the cavity completely with insulation, if using kraft faced insulation, the kraft facing faces the interior side of the wall. If it takes multiple layers of insulation to fill the space (for instance, if you buy a roll of R-19, it might take 3 layers to fill the space... it looks pretty wide in the picture), remove the kraft facing from the 2 layers that are inside the wall.

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