Old window options


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Old window options

Got a great old house with all the woodwork intact. 100 year old oak trim/windows. Almost entirely unpainted.

The lower level windows are the original windows to the house, complete with the old storm windows and screens that you have to change every season.

The outside of some of these windows have seen better days. The finish is rubbed off on some places on the inside. The glass is all intact. Some of the windows do not open (stuck).

I'm fairly handy. I'm wondering if I'd be better off replacing the windows with high quality replacements, or if refurbishment is an option. Are there better glass options for energy efficiency, or should i keep the old glass?

Any input would be helpful.
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How much time and money do you have? Also..is this a historical house of some sort where keeping the original windows would be worth it?

In almost every case, you'd be better off replacing with a midgrade or better replacement window. You just remove the sashes and install the replacement insert. If the exterior wood frame and trim is in good shape, you can either re-furb it and paint or have it covered with bent aluminum.

Replacement windows will run $200 or so each and require about 1 hr or so to install (after the first few).

You'll maybe spend less re-furbishing the old windows (depending on condition) but the time will be much greater. A couple of days doing 2 or 3 at a time.

If the storm windows are in good shape and everything seals well...there isn't a lot of energy efficiency to be gained with replacements, but the convenience and maintenance issues might be worth it. I believe there may still be tax credits for new windows as well.

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