Adjusting and weathersealing a glass door


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Adjusting and weathersealing a glass door

My office has a solid glass door (about 3/4"). It uses a Chicago Dor-O-Matic closer mounted in a frame at the bottom of the door about 6 1/2" from the left edge (as I face it from inside) and the door pivots about 3 1/2" from the left edge. The lock is also mounted in the bottom frame near the right edge of the door and the door open outward from the building. There is about a 1/2 cm gap where the left edge of the door meets a glass wall (also about 3/4" plate). Neither glass has any framing along that edge. Can anybody suggest a method to weatherproof that edge that does not interfere with the ability of the door to close completely. Foam stripping seems to get in the way of closing or just peals off when the door edge closes against the wall edge.

Also would like to know how to adjust the pressure so that the right edge can be make to close a bit more tightly.

Thanks for any suggestions and tips.
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Without a picture it's anyones guess as to what you have going on.
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You might want to start here for the weatherstripping:CRL-ARCH | Blumcraft Glass Entrance Doors
If you have a local store front material supplier, they would have the weatherstripping and help with adjustments.
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hello GHalk,

found something that might work for the problem your asking about,

All Glass Door Weatherstripping, Door Closer Service Company, Inc.

your door will need #138 pvc pile weatherstripping, goes on both sides (latch jamb edge as well as pivot side,

from the description you gave, sounds to me your door is a left hand swing (closer on left, latch jamb on right)

as for the closer (Dor-O-Matic) possible you can send a photo or find a model number it anywhere, sounds like you are describing a floor closer, the model number on most of those is found on the threshhold plate/coverplate that is covering the body in the floor

reason I ask, some of these floor closers you have to remove the floorplate and take and unscrew a port cap off the closer and adjust with a screwdriver, if it's the "thinslab" type of D-O-M floor closer, just use a screwdriver to adjust the valves after removing coverplate.

to make it tighter at latch, may need to speed up the latch speed of the closer

hope this helps, and PLEASE can you submit a photo of the door and closer, as the series of closers used under them can be different then other series of DOM floor closers

(looks like I need to read this forum more often, as it's common for the door (closer) questions to appear around this time of the year)

-Jess the door closer doctor
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sounds to me he's talking about a 3/4 inch thick plate glass door that is central hung, left hand swing door, with a Dor-O-Matic floor closer (unknown series)

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