Weatherstriping this tricky window


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Weatherstriping this tricky window

Hello folks,

I am a newbie to home DIY so please be gentle on me with this question. I have researched as much as I could but whatever I did was not upto the mark to serve the purpose, hence this post.

I am trying to weatherstrip/seal this one window of my rented apartment. This window leaks and the water seeps inside. The Window looks like this from outside

The inside shots are

The last 2 images shows some area where the water leaks and eventually freezes (so we can not open the window during the winter period.
Sealing this window with film won't work because the water will still leak and god knows what kind of mess it will create (and the fungus it will grow in that area). The paper towel you see in one of those image is there to soak the leaking water.
The tiles that you see at the bottom of the windows were installed by us, because we went nuts last year because of the fungus growth in that area and twice a week, we were scrubbing that area with disinfecting wipes.

The development manager is not interested in fixing it, because he says, its because of the vapor that is generated during cooking is condensed. There is no exhaust in the apartment.

So what DIY options do I have to seal this window?

It is going to be 60F this weekend here in NYC, so thought, I could finish up the project this weekend.

Many thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the forums! Basically there is nothing you can legally do to a rented space to alter it due to liability. Make your issues known to the landlord in writing via certified mail, so he/she cannot claim ignorance in the future when you decide to move out unexpectedly due to water and ice damage.

I would first try to find out where the water enters the window frame. Simple caulking of the brick mold may be a solution.
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If it's condensation sealing not going to do much good.
Need to lower the humidity in the house.
A dehumidifier will do it.
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You didn't mention when it leaks... is it only when it rains, or does the water show up when it's cold? (condensation, like joe mentioned)

When you zoom in on the picture of the exterior of the window, you can see that there is obviously some caulking missing on the left exterior side of the window at both the top exterior left and bottom exterior left sides. OSI Quad would be a good type of caulking to use, and its available at most big box stores, at least around here it is. Cut the tip of the nozzle large enough so that you can apply a nice sized bead of sealant. Don't seal up the weep holes.

Judging by the water stains on the brick below the window, there must be a sizable amount of water getting in, so this caulk alone may not be the answer. There might be other areas where water is getting in as well. The mortar above the window has been repaired in the past, so it could be that water is starting to leak behind the brick higher up. If there is a window above the one pictured, check it as well, and caulk if needed.

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