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OK i AM A NEWBIE BUT i HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS.....My backdoor leading to yard has 2 locks a deadbolt and the regular door handle lock.... I let the dogs out on this cold wintery night and out of habit deadbolted the top lock..... When i went to let them in the lock would not unlock, the deadbolt part wouldn't move... I got a screw driver removed handle, removed everythig, but the bolt is stuck in the door and the frame area. Yes just the bolt, nothing else..I tried to pry it out with screwdriver but nothing worked.....Small hole in door where handles were removed, cold air rushing into house.... stuffed hole with paper and tape and called it a night...I guess I have to drill a hole in trim or something...... Help....... Again only bolt itself left...... One good thing, door is not opening.....
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I would lubricate it and hope that maybe something jammed. Try to work the pivoting part of the latch by inserting a flat screwdriver where the tongue of the latch would usually go. Make sure the latch is still centered in the hole... I would expect that if it's an adjustable type of deadbolt that if the latch wants to move or slide instead of staying solidly fixed... it could jam up rather than retract.

What a pain! If you can't get it open I think you will need to gently pry the door and jamb apart with some wood shims (trying to create a 1/4" gap or so) so that you will have enough room to carefully grind the latch in half with a 4 1/2" grinder and a 4 1/2" x 1/16" steel cutting abrasive wheel. You may have to (gulp) remove the safety shroud if you find that it won't cut deep enough to get all the way through the latch.

... or call a locksmith.

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