Wind-up windows - handle and parts needed


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Wind-up windows - handle and parts needed

We recently bought a bungalow in Daytona that has a fairly eclectic mix of windows attached to it. Among them are some very interesting windows I've never come across before - you take an L-shaped handle, insert it through a hole in the framework below, and wind the window outwards and up in 2 - 3 separate sections. I'm guessing these windows were designed for wet climates like those in Florida where you could open the windows up on a warm and wet day and not have to worry about rain coming in because of how the open windows would catch and drain water away like eaves on a house. I don't want to change them as I find them quite charming but I do have a couple of questions.

Firstly, though each window came with its own 'winder' sitting on the sill a couple look pretty worn and don't open the windows very well, meaning we have to grab others from neighboring rooms. Can you still get hold of these?

Secondly, I was opening one particular window to test it out when the top section literally fell away and I only just managed to catch it before it crashed into the frame below. Turns out these type of windows are hinged at the top on the outside and that this particular window was missing one of the hinges. Any idea where I can source a replacement?

One last point. Whoever owned the house before us must have been some kind of nut where security or the weather was concerned. All the wind-up windows were completely taped up along their edges both from the inside and out. The 4 - 5 windows that are of the conventional wooden type that slide up and down (this type has some kind of cylindrical rod at either side that they slide up and down on) wouldn't budge for love or money when I tried opening them and I figured they were jammed or swollen with age. Then I looked on the outside and discovered that the same idiot had gone along and filled up all the window edges with a clear sealer - the house must have practically been sealed shut from the outside! I'll try and dig the stuff out, but if this stuff isn't the issue and I'm just dealing with old windows that have jammed up through lack of use is there any kind of old trick for persuading them to open - other than taking a hammer to them and smashing them to bits?!

Thanks again
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Posting a picture would be a big help.
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Sounds like they might be 'awning' type windows. Pics would be nice. They were likely caulked because they don't always seal good, the previous owner was probably trying to lower his cooling bill.
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I normally try to do that but I don't have my camera with me.

As for the caulking, I figured it may have had something to do with the weather, but we really can't leave them like this because we intend renting it out for part of the year and for legal reasons the windows have to be able to open in case of emergencies. So unless I can find some way to loosen them up we'll have to have them replaced.

And by the way, it was only the conventional windows that were caulked, not the awning windows - they were just taped up, which was easy to remove.
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Perhaps they are Jalousie Windows?

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