Recomendation for doors and windows


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Recomendation for doors and windows

Hey guys, I need some help choosing doors and windows for my house.
Anderson is too expensive, I have had a estimation on a patio door over $4,000.
Jeld-wen and Pella are getting bad reviews. Has anyone had any door or windows that have bought within the last 5 years, and has had a good experience?
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As far as the brands you mentioned, I'm surprised about the bad reviews. Use Consumer Report as a starting guide about specific brands. I suspect the reviews were about the install vs the actual door itself. Shop around for installers and get some good feedback from previous customers.

Anecdote. A young female neighbor of mine. Her sliding patio door rotted out at the bottom. Rather than try and fix it I recommended she have it replaced. She bought it at HD. They contract out local installers. Instead of watching him install the door she figured she'd get some work done and not look over the installers shoulder. Big Mistake! The guy installed the thing backwards, so that the sliding section was opposite of what she had previously. This was important to her due to furniture placement and ease of use. When she pointed out the mistake the guy balked and said she should just live with it and he refused to fix it. She had to call HD and threaten to take action before they sent out an installer to put it right.
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Last five years? No. That said, my parents replaced all of the windows in their house in the 80's and 90's with Marvin and that's what I have in my house (built in 2001). We all like them and would buy them again.
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Marvin and Andersen are the 2 most recommended brands here...but their prices are pretty close. I can't imagine $4K for a patio door. I sold plenty of Andesens and it would have had to have been a triple panel oversized door to get to that price point. How much of it was the installation charge?
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In the last 1 1/2 years, I bought Jeld-wen windows and a Jeld-wen pre-hung stock door, and two Anderson storm doors (1 stock and 1 custom).
No problems with the windows, but the screws on one of the hinges of the Jeld-wen door has stripped out for some unknown reason, causing the door to hang crooked. We fixed it, but why it happened in less than a year, don't know.
The storm doors, no problem with the stock door, but the custom door leaks at the bottom of the glass when we have a heavy, wind blowing rain.
SO, Anderson is not perfect either. I think it's just a quality problem (as discussed in another thread). Don't think there's a perfect brand any more.
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cost of anderson

Thanks guys, it sound like to me its a crap shoot with windows and doors these days, kind of like dont buy a car that was built on a Monday. an old wise tail i always heard.
But to answer your question on the coast of the anderson patio door this is the break down,

the rough opening in 60 inch x 80 inch about.
2,400 for the door french patio doors
75,00 x 2 door handles w/ locks
380.00 x2 blines in between the glass
750.00 for a screen door, must be some kind of a screen door lol
this is me installing it. this is a local lumber a Anderson supplier in indianapolis.
i did go the home depot saturday and saw a Jedl win for 2,400 ?

Thanks Guys
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I don't think the price is correct on the screens, but other than that it's about right. Thats a standard size. They didn't have blinds in the glass when I was selling I imagine thats correct as well. A few years ago I picked up a very similar Andersen Frenchwood 400 series patio door. Screen kit, brass handles, and all, but no blinds. It had been mis-ordered and on the floor for a while, so it was marked down. Original price was only $2700 but I got it for about $1400.

You might want to check with HD and see what their quote is for the same item as the lumber yard. I find it hard to believe prices have gone up that much.

Jeld-Wen makes a pretty good product but I never liked their patio doors that much. The hardware was much lighter duty than Andersen. Unless something has's clad in aluminum vs vinyl and can be easily dented or scratched. It did have more color options tho.

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