Can't remove door.


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Can't remove door.

I have a sliding glass patio door that I can't seem to remove from the tracks. There does not seem to be enough clearance at the top and bottom to get the door off the tracks. Are these doors built in to the frames or is there something I'm overlooking.


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On some have to remove the fixed panel first. Normally to the inside of the home.
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Hard to say, there are hundreds of different kind of doors and you haven't given us a picture, a description or much else to go on. But Gunguy is right, on many aluminum doors, the fixed panel comes out first. it's sometimes got clips holding it to the frame on the interior side where the fixed panel meets the fixed side jamb. Other times there will also be L-brackets near the meeting rail, and still other times a threshold plate will need to be removed to allow the fixed panel to slide to the middle once it's been released from the frame. The operating panel is often stuck pretty well into the frame making it hard to pull out. Once the fixed panel of an aluminum patio door is removed (to the outside) then the operating panel can also be removed (also to the outside).
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Oops....did I misspeak? I could swear the vinyl doors I sold...the moving panel was the outer panel. Well, it has been a few years. other thing...on some doors that use cheap need to use a putty knife or similar to keep the wheels up or they just fall back down by gravity. Thats after you have lowered the the panel via the adjustment screws.

Higher quality doors have ratcheting type rollers that actually retract up and stay there even when the panel is lifted.
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Sometimes it helps to take a stiff putty knife and lift the door up from the bottom. If the rollers are catching they might need a little help to clear the track.

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