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Fix a sticky door non-destructively (without planing) by repairing the warp?

Fix a sticky door non-destructively (without planing) by repairing the warp?


Old 03-26-14, 05:28 PM
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Fix a sticky door non-destructively (without planing) by repairing the warp?

I have 2 doors in my home that stick in the jamb when opening or closing.

The bedroom door has been sticking ever since it got slammed. Something in the force of the slam knocked something out of whack and now the door sticks.

The garage door is a heavier exterior door. It was fine one day, then the next day it was sticking so hard we could barely open or close it. This door wasn't slammed, so I don't know what kind of phenomenon could have caused such an extreme stuck door overnight like that.

Is there a "typical" cause and solution for these kind of stuck doors? I've examined both doors to see if there's something I could tighten or pound on to set things right, and it's not evident. What can I do to re-set these door jambs to their formerly smooth operation? Is there anything I can do besides plane the door or install a new jamb altogether? Any tips or videos you could point me to?

Seems like getting all the metrics right for a properly aligned door could be tricky. Are there servicemen in LA who are particularly expert at fixing stuck doors in a non-destructive fashion?
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Old 03-26-14, 05:35 PM
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First thing to do is check the gap all around the door, top, bottom, and both sides. Is it even? Are all the hinge screws tight?
Old 03-26-14, 05:39 PM
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You didn't say WHERE they were sticking... that would be a really helpful bit of information.

Generally doors will stick on the latch side near the top, but still on the side of the door. This is usually a result of the installer not putting a long screw through the jamb side hinge plate that is long enough to reach the stud. So if you have a cordless drill, remove one of the screws from the top hinge (jamb side, not door side). The screws in the hinge are staggered, so remove one of the screws that is closest to the door stop. Replace it with a similar sized screw that is about 2 1/2 to 3" long. Tighten it down good, but not so much that you break the head off the screw.

Now close the door and see if it's improved. Report back if you can with what you find.

If the door is rubbing on the top jamb, that's a different story altogether.
Old 03-26-14, 08:26 PM
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To help you find where the doors are sticking you can cut a strip of notebook paper and slide it along the door edges with the door closed. Knowing this will help us figure out what to try next.

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