installing new hinges


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installing new hinges

Need to settle an argument. I am installing new 3-1/2" hinges on interior doors.
Does it matter if the hinge leaf with the 3 knuckles (the other leaf has 2 knuckles) is installed on the frame or the door ???
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Turn the hinge so that the pin comes out from the top. The bottom part of the hinge will have a cap with a hole in the center of the cap.
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Not all hinges have caps. I prefer to have the 3 'knuckles' on the door mainly because it's easier to hang the door back if you have to take it off.
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Agree with Mark. Didn't think of that when I replaced all my hinges 7 yrs ago, but moving large furniture from room to room recently made me put swap the hinge leafs on my to do list.
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While I've always preferred to remove the hinges for spraying paint, I used to work for an outfit that just taped them. I've taken down and rehung 1000's of doors - doesn't take long to figure out which ones hang the easiest! Not sure I'd go thru the trouble of re orientating the hinges, it's not like the door comes down on a regular basis
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The question was weather the three pin holes go on the frame or the door. I believe the frame is the correct answer. It just seems a stronger. Probably does not matter. All the doors I ever hung, fixed or installed had the three pin holes attached to the frame.
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I don't know that there is a right or wrong answer. I've took down and rehung 1000s of doors while painting new construction and they were never all done the same. I think it varied by either who was installing them at the factory or maybe just how they picked them up out of the box.

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