Storm door needs replacing but...


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Question Storm door needs replacing but...

My glass storm door at the front of my house was shattered and needs replacing. But the thing is that it may need a bit of modification. The existing door keeps hitting and rubbing the roof of the porch when its fully opened. There are a few other homes on my street that have the same entrance and I do not know if they experience the same thing. Regardless, I need a person more knowable than HomeDepot/Lowes installer that can identify the problem and provide a workaround solution. Thank you.
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Based on what you've told us, it isn't easy to figure out why your door is rubbing on the roof. However they do sell aftermarket safety chains that can limit how far your door will open. So, let's say your door will open 90 without rubbing but if it goes past that, it will hit the roof. that's where a safety chain can help... as it limits how far the door can possibly open.

Doors don't usually come with safety chains anymore... it's become an aftermarket item that you have to buy if you want/need one.

If that doesn't help, you might need to provide some pictures so that we can understand what's going on.

I'd suggest that if your storm door has a removable glass panel (most do) that you simply remove that panel and take it to a commercial glass shop and leave it with them. They will have to order a custom sized piece of tempered glass for you, but it shouldn't take more than a week and shouldn't be much over $100 if that.
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And to add, you may get new glass cheaper and faster by checking at a Big Box store that sells your brand. The majority of doors are Emco (part of Andersen), Andersen, Pella and a few smaller companies like M.I. The big three are pretty clearly labeled or easy to ID.

When I worked at HD, we would sometimes keep glass from doors that were damaged and sell them at a steep discount. Even if we didn't have any, we could order for our brands and normally have them in less than a week, depending on when ordered and when the next truck was due.

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