Installing door in back of house


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Installing door in back of house

I have a bi-level house and want to get an exterior door installed. Currently the only way to my backyard is through the deck.

I have attached a picture of where I want the door installed. imgur: the simple image sharer

Its about 4 feet of concrete and then siding. On the other side of the wall is a finished basement.

I know I can't DIY this, but I am curious on how hard of a project this is (so I don't get ripped off).

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I'd say its probably a good 2 days work for 2 men. One day to cut the hole and prepare the rough opening, and a second day to install the door. The door you get should probably be made for a wall thickness that is as wide as the wall is. So if you have 8" of cement and 4" of interior wall inside of that, you'd want to order a door for a 12" wall thickness. (extra wide jamb and sill).

It will be an expensive install because of the diamond chainsaw that they will need to rent to cut the concrete. It will also be messy because the saw needs water and will spray inside, so they will need to do lots of plastic inside and dust control. And you'll probably need to power wash your patio once they are done.

I wouldn't be surprised if the estimate for the door and installation would be in the neighborhood of $3500-$4000. If they involve a 2nd contractor to cut the hole, it will probably be closer to $5000. But we are not in the business of giving free estimates, this is a DIY site.

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