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Fix the weatherstripping or replace the door?

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07-01-14, 09:57 AM   #1  
Fix the weatherstripping or replace the door?

Just moved into this house not long ago. The entry door from the attached garage to the house was not hung properly. There is no door sweep. The weatherstripping around the door is not functional. As a result, we found a lot of flies in the house once we run the AC.

There is "Z" shape kerf style weatherstripping around the door but it not reachable by the door to create a seal. When the door is closed, there is a 3/4" gap between the door and the stop. There is also sagging on the lock side so the top of the door on the lock side is level with the bottom of the stop on the top of the frame. That's more. It's a double sided steel door so the edges are covered by steel as well. Whoever installed the door before only recessed one side of the hinge on the jamb and the other side is mounted on the surface of the door. As a result, there is a 3/8" gap between the door and the jamb on the hinge side. So, the stop is flushed to the door edge on the hinge side and there is no overlapping (don't forget to 3/4" gap between the stop and the door).

It is easy to install the door sweep to seal the gap on the bottom. I can also cut into the jamb behind the top hinge to pull the door upright a little to fix the sagging. I don't know how I can push the door "out" closer to the stop the reduce the 3/4" gap. How can I seal the door? I surf around the web but can't find any details on how different types of weatherstripping work.

Another option is to buy a new door. A pre-hung entry door runs around $100 here. It has steel on one-side and the other side is wood. I have installed this kid of door once and it's not a small job. When I installed the new door, I didn't position it exactly the same as the old one. As a result, I need to patch and paint the baseboard and drywall as well...

any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciate.

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07-01-14, 10:06 AM   #2  
Go to your local home center or hardware store and get some nail on or screw on weatherstripping. You may need to add some wood to the existing stop, or at least use some S4S stock to build it up.

Prehung entry door for $100?? That price is lower than any I've ever seen for an entry door. Utility door for a shed maybe. Steel on only one side? Never even seen that.

If this is a wood frame house, I'd replace the whole door. If you have the tools and the time, the whole job should be under $200. Patching and painting is pretty cheap when you aren't paying for labor.

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