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Double window replaced with french doors...beause my fridge is too damn big

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07-06-14, 01:40 AM   #1  
Double window replaced with french doors...beause my fridge is too damn big

Alright, so I am in the middle of doing my first remodel and have everything laid out nicely except my fridge...it's huge! The only option I have to maintain my wide open concept is to remove the back door, frame and close it off to place the fridge in front of it.

However, I still want access from my back yard and my only option there is to remove these double windows.

I am just looking for someone to tell me what I have not thought of yet and answer a few questions I have.

Heres how I envision the process.
-remove frame around window
-uninstall windows
-sawzall the opening to my desired size
- create a single header and double studs around opening
- add footer and mount the door frame
- seal it, frame it and adjust.
I feel like there cant be much more to the process. If I am wrong please let me know

I had measurement, but I am at work and left them at home. Heres a few photos, so tips?

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07-06-14, 04:17 AM   #2  
How "huge" is it? What size door do you presently have? Trying to use other options first.

Before you go cutting, be aware there is an electrical cable running across below the windows that will need modification. Your header must extend 3" ideally past the opening on each side, sitting on double jacks, backed up by a king stud, so wall work will be more extensive than cutting out a simple opening the size of the door frame.

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07-06-14, 12:49 PM   #3  
Thanks for the info, that's what I was looking for. I will do the three inch extension and double jack with king post.

The fridge is an LG fridge, maybe not abnormally large, but still there is just no place for it to go with out ruining the full open concept.

As for the electrical, Ill remove the plaster and handle that first. Is there a common practice for this? Would a junction box extension along the floor joists in the basement be acceptable?

Ill measure the current man door tomorrow, I am guessing around 32"-36"?

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07-06-14, 01:13 PM   #4  
"Usually" the best thing to do is just add additional outlets. If the wire runs through the length of the wall, you can put an outlet on one side of the door, then run new wire up and over the new door header to go from that box to another recepticle on the other side of the door.

Refrigerators need to be on their own circuit.

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07-06-14, 01:56 PM   #5  
I'm sure you know how your house is wired, but none of my outlets are run horizontally though the studs. At least none that I've encountered yet. They all come down from the top plate in my walls. I'm not sure WHY they did it that way since it takes more wire I would think. My house is a stucco on frame rancher.

The width/height of those windows is the main thing I see as an issue. If they are the right size, you may be able to just cut them and the lower wall out and slide a new door right in. That's what I did. 5' door was the perfect size for my 5' aluminum slider windows. You can normally find doors in 60", 64", and 72" widths and 78" and 80" heights (nominal sizes, not rough opening)

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07-09-14, 12:39 PM   #6  
Thanks for the heads up guys. I will extend the fridge outlet to the needed spot and pull the plaster to check on the electrical routing. I have no problem, doing either of the suggested methods. Since the basement is just joists and electrical anyway, I will probably just go into basement and then back up.

Thanks again, now I just need to find some doors.

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