Can't install threshold moulding


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Can't install threshold moulding

The old threshold molding on an exterior door wore out so I bought a new one. I got the aluminum plate fitted and installed, but I can't figure out how to put in the rubber seal.

Here's a pic of the destructions, including an image of what the profile of the rubber molding looks like:

It goes on real easy, provided it isn't already screwed to the floor. But if the molding is installed, you can't put in the screws.

I tried warming it in hot water to make it more pliable, but still couldn't get it to start. I thought about using aerosol hair spray as a lube, but don't have any on hand.

I know there must be a trick to this I just ain't caught on to, and I'm sure there's folks here who been dere, done dat.

So what am I doing wrong?
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Hair spray would be sticky. Use some liquid hand soap and a little water instead. A hot hair dryer is a good way to warm it if needed. Get one side filly seated before going to the other side.
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Install the indoor side of the molding into the base plate before installing the base plate into the threshold. Install the base plate. Push the outdoor side just into the groove, (doesn't have to go all the way down. Then simply close the door. If it's a snug fit, the door will push it in the rest of the way.

Aerosol hair spray is a great lube when it's still wet. Been using it to install aluminum bat grips and bicycle and motorcycle handlebar grips since hector was a pup. It only gets tacky when it dries.

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