Decorative Insert on French Doors


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Decorative Insert on French Doors

I am about to move out of a home that I am renting and would like to do replace the insert on some french doors that my dog destroyed.

I've seen the insert be referred to as a sandwich style insert, a door grille and a few other terms. I have been unable to find someone that actually sells the inserts. I've checked Home Depot, a lumberyard/hardware store and 2 or 3 places that are solely focused on windows and doors. Nobody can get them or knows where I would be able to. It seems insane that the piece is really unavailable.

I saw this post on this website

The exterior frame is "usually" attached to the glass with an adhesive that is a bear to get off. There is also adhesive that seals the frame to the door. If you remove the screws, normally the interior frame will come off clean, depending on paint and such. The glass and exterior frame will normally stay in place, but can slide or fall away if not secured.

You can replace the glass, frame and all for about $90 if you want to. Most box stores/construction supply/door and window dealers would be able to order it for you.

You see I use a lot of "normally's" and "usually's". Things can be different depending on model, age, manufacturer.
"Vita brevis"

from this thread,

This particular insert is one large plastic piece that covers the entire window of the door in a colonial style grid. I am hoping that someone on here has successfully bought a replacement of one of these door inserts and can lead me in the right direction. At this point I'm running out of options.

Thank you
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Here's one of the largest makers of glass and frames for doors.

A far away, and closer picture of your doors would help.

Sorry the HD and lumber guys can't help, guess they don't look through their catalogs. Heck, I've seen some in the clearance rack at HD recently, so I know they can still order. It may even be in their computer ordering system now. If you look at the "Where To Buy" on the ODL page, the specifically mention HD as well as local door shops. There are 2 or 3 w/in 30 miles of me and I'm in Podunk.

There is another company that was also putting glass in factory doors, but it's been too long for me to remember their name.

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