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Dog door

I need to install a dog door for a large dog 130lbs. The only ones that seem to work run $300 plus and they are not the right size.

I was thinking of just buying a new door $129 and cut whatever size I wish out. Then cut a piece of acrylic to match $15. I was going to cut down some door sweeps and screw them to all 3 sides $25. I planned on attaching the door with hinges bolted to the top of the acrylic then screwed to the inside of the door at a 90 degree angle. Here is a very ruff sketch any input before I get started?

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I think unless that is very thick acrylic it will crack at the hinge holes.
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I was going to use .90 acrylic isn't the correct name I saw it at homedepot it's called something else says it's good for vandalism and stands up to abuse
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Give it a try,maybe a little heat at the holes will help too. The weather,cold/hot, and the back and forth of the swing might get to it. Can always change to plywood too and paint a bone on it once the dog gets use to it.
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Lexan may be the material you are looking for. It doesn't crack like plexi.

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You may want to add weather stripping and some type of spring on the hinge to keep it closed.
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It would help if the door you purchase is solid wood or solid core. A hollow core door could make it difficult to attach the hinge and other door framing.
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I see a Petsafe door for up to 220lbs for only around $55 list. Even the double flap Ideal model is only about $99 list for the X-large. Does jump to $200 for the Super Large though.

I've used Petsafe doors at 2 houses and they work fine.

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